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My dog is very old, slightly deaf and completely blind so I'm worried a groom will make him too stressed.

I deal with a large number of elderly and timid dogs, both blind and deaf and their welfare always come first. I completely understand that it is a daunting process for them, so I never force them to do something that could potentially make them more stressed or panicky. Depending on the dogs needs, I take things one step at a time and allow them to guide me rather than me forcing things on to them.

My dog has short hair, does he need grooming?

Absolutely, it isn't just long haired dogs who need to be regularly groomed. Dogs with a short coat need to have the dead undercoat brushed out to keep their skin clean and free from dirt, encourage new hair growth and reduce the amount of hair deposited around the house.

I have three dogs, can I bring them all in at the same time for grooming?

Yes of course. The space is large enough for the other two dogs to roam around or relax, whilst I groom their playmate. Due to the size of the room there isn't the need for cages, and there are never any overlapping appointments, so it will just be myself and your dogs.

I have recently got a puppy. When should I bring them in for their first groom?

As soon as the dog is allowed outside, I would strongly advise you to bring the dog in for an introduction session, which can be customised to their individual needs.

I have a dog with a thick coat but I haven't had her groomed for a very long time. Will her coat need to be shaved?

I will always advise the best course of action when it comes to poor coat condition and advise of any future complications of shaving and de-matting.  it is in the best interest of your dog when severe matting is present, that their coat will be clipped off in accordance with the animal welfare act.

"HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY" is my everyday motto.

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